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editorials I love :
Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz
Vogue US, September 2006
— Anonymous: Here's an example of a color palette. wrathandruin(.)tumblr(.(com/post/95347315976/one-palette-per-movie-o-prisoner-of-azkaban

Ooh ok, I see, first, I’ve never done a color palette graphic or gif… but I think i can be of help… but it won’t be exactly the same as wrathandruin’s stunning gifset.

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Stella McCartney F/W 2011/12

If looks could kill.

— Anonymous: do you take request ?

I am officially taking requests indeed :D

— Anonymous: hey can i get the original pic from your 'my lady pt 1' fanmix? :)

Yes it’s this one:


it’s Florence Welch for Vogue actually :)

— Anonymous: What fonts do you commonly use on gif sets? Like the Peeta/Katniss/Haymitch one?

It depends, on this specific one i think it was bodoniXT in captial letters. But I did a font packs here:


Most of the fonts i use are there, but i did download new ones since then, i will probably make a pack 2.. :)