For thine is the kingdom
Look down
Chloé, previously tywinllannister. Belgian, history student, welcome to my little corner, I cry and I gif, sometimes simultaneously.
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"The New Romantic". Photographed by Gidi Van Maarseveen for Factice Magazine August 2014

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Yasuhiro Onishi, Spirit

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Harry Lloyd by Arved Colvin-Smith [x]

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harry lloydughhhbye

 When you play the game of thrones you win or you dieThere is no middle ground.

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I am young, but I am willing to learn, and I mean to devote my life to the service of my country and my people. I look for your help in this. I know I shall not be disappointed. Thank you.

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the l a d y in the t o w e r 

(as requested by feelsandotps)

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Starks + Warm Colors requested by anon

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THE QUEEN OF EARTHLY QUEENS | the life of katherine of aragon
[instrumental: 55 mins]


[01] LA SPAGNA | birth/Infanta of Spain
[02] YOU’LL BE QUEEN ONE DAY | betrothal to Prince Arthur of Wales
[03] THE ROYAL WEDDING | marriage to Arthur
[04] ASLAUG IN PAIN | sickness/death of Arthur
[05] ANNE DREAMS OF HER CHILDHOOD | uncertain future/neglected
[06] SHE WON’T BE A WIDOW FOR LONG | Henry’s proposal


[07] CORONATION | queen consort of England
[08] LOVE IN THE EYES | the love between Henry and Katherine
[09] BOLD AND FEARLESS | queen regent
[10] THE BATTLE | battle of Flodden 1513
[11] A MOTHER’S HEART | birth of Mary
[12] HEART | Evil May Day riots/Katherine intervenes/the love of the people


[13] HENRY’S CHANGING EMOTIONS | fractures between the royal couple/Anne Boleyn
[14] NIOBE’S THEME | Katherine’s on-going brave face
[15] YEARNING | the issue of annulment begins
[16] QUEEN KATHERINE’S TRIAL | Blackfriars speech 1529
[17] AND JUST LIKE THAT | annulment/exile
[18] SORROW | hardship in exile
[19] END CREDITS | death + remembrance

[LISTEN] | similar to: Queen Jezebel – the life of Catherine de Medici