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Dolce & Gabbana Ready to Wear F/W 2013.
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every time i hear mary say "i am the queen" or "i am your queen," etc i just kind of sigh and hear tywin lannister in my head saying 'any man who must say, "I am the king" is no true king.'

Owwww burn. Gosh YES!

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American: I want to live in the UK.
Asian: I want to live in the UK.
Indian: I want to live in the UK.
African: I want to live in the UK.
Hispanic: I want to live in the UK.
Canadian: I want to live in the UK.
Filipino: I want to live in the UK.
French: I want to live in the UK.
Brazilian: I want to live in the UK.
British: wat
Irish: feckin' English bastards
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kinneyism replied to your post: anonymous said:They’re gonna vill…

They didn’t change her name per se, it’s more that the Margaret in The Tudors was an amalgamation of both of Henry’s sisters because they thought the viewers would mix up Henry’s daughter Mary and his sister Mary!

Yes I know, they feared the viewers would be too dumb to understand *rolleyes*. They used Margaret’s name for Mary I know

queenofmultitasking replied to your post: anonymous said:i swear 99% of the…

Mary’s beyond grating at this point - childish, petty, resentful, and just… frustratingly incompetent. It’s honestly hard to root for her, especially when both Catherine and even freaking Narcisse are more compelling. :/

I’m very confused about her tbh, sometimes i’m like oh that’s interesting, but then i’m like no, stop please stop. Totally agreed! Tbh I’m totally team Catherine and Narcisse.

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